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Some of the graphics on this page is taken for free from this pages:
    • Free
    • Free with attribution
Which require nothing but providing the information about the fact of using their free graphics. I hope You, Dear Reader, would not consider putting this information here as a spam. And I hope same for google blog reviewers...

For this, one must check google Content policy from:

"Do not spam. This may include unwanted promotional or commercial content, unwanted content that is created by an automated program, unwanted repetitive content, nonsensical content, or anything that appears to be a mass solicitation."

The content is not created by an automated program, not it is repetitive, neither mass solicitation.
Maybe you could think it is unwanted promotional or nonsensical. But then note that, as this blog is focused on freemium, the information about source for free graphics is actually very essential for other freemium guys who might be reading this.