Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold

This is a nostalgia game from 1993. Predecessor of half-life. Sadly, a week after release, it was shadowed by another breaking game, the Doom. Hard, but fun for people from that time.

Before you play

DosBox version

The old controls did not have step right, step left. You needed to switch the keyboard between turning and strafing. To ease things up, I recommend key remapping.

Put this file in the folder where dosbox.conf is. 
And add these 2 lines to dosbox.conf:

Alternatively, after launching dosbox, press Ctrl+f1.
Click save. See in which file key mapping is stored. Replace it with the provided file.
Mapping file is prepared for playing with Numpad + Mouse.
  • 'Alt' - strafe mode - bind to left and right. Make those keys are strafing instead of turning. Note that the mouse is also strafing, so you can not turn and strafe at the same time.
  • 'Shift' - running mode - bind to left, right, forward, back and keypad enter (180o turn). Those actions become faster.
  • '1' - Auto Charge Pistol - bind to '/' for fast swap. Use it against guard, scientists and trapped aliens. It does not alarm other enemies in the area.
  • '3' - Rapid Assault Weapon - bind as '*' - best for long range.
  • '4' - Dual Neutron Disruptor - bind as '-' - eats ammo faster than Rapid AW while bing less accurate. It means it is easier to hit enemies, giving you better survivability on cost of ammo. Consider using Rapid AW.
  • '5' - Plasma Discharge Unit - bind as '+' - the best gun. Due to splash damage, it uses less ammo than Dual ND. Most enemies require 2 balls. It does not hurt yourself. It damages enemies behind a corner. Sadly, it kills Informants as well.
  • Middle mouse button - door opening - bind as right mouse button.

Hd remake

The remake has normal configurable, strafing WSAD controls. It also has some game tweaks.

Than the hd mod:

Additional sources

Plan game with maps from this page:

Or with more detailed found here:

Mission 1

Floor 1

    1. You start in the open, hide in the lift (2). Enemies do not enter there.
    2. Kill enemies by hide and shoot with an Auto Charge Pistol.
    3. Those trapped Genetic Aliens can be safely killed with AC Pistol without losing ammo.
    4. Turn off the electric field. Show yourself to the aliens behind it. Then immediately run back and turn the field on. 
      • Now quick off, on, off, on, will lure enemies into the field and damage them. Listen for their death scream or wait till you get points for kill.
    5. Genetic Guards behind this door are trapped and slow enough for peek-a-blast with Rechargeable Pistol.
    6. Take this way to the secret with Plasma DU. Star Troopers will spot you, so back away.
    7. Finish the map as you like.

    Floor 2…

    … introduces one way doors. Kill enemies in the door. Their bodies block it from closing and keeps your way back.

    Floor 3…

    … contains unlimited Plasma Alien spawn. Clear the rest of the map before you go there. Rush it with Plasma DU and run away from the spawn area. Note that for 100% you need to take gold near spawns.

    Dr Goldfire also has warp at this level. He will respawn after a while if you kill him. He takes 4 balls.
    Neither him, nor Plasma Aliens, counts to map percentage. Try to avoid them.

    Floor 9…

    Dr Goldfire's warp is much stronger here. First clear room from turrets and Mechanical guards. You may return to previous floors for health and ammo.
    Remember to go back to lift and enter Floor 10 before flying out with shuttle.

    Mission 2

    Floor 1

    Take this pass to be less exposed and silently kill some guards with AC Pistol.
    1. Rapid AW is hidden in the box.
    2. Dual ND is in secret here.

    Floor 3

    1. Silently shoot all Guards to the left
    2. Kill Star Sentinel with Dual ND
    3. Plasma DU can be taken without showing your self to other guards
    4. You may get to the key area without shooting. Just move by 2 door rooms to cut the corners.
      Last place is tricky. Scientists move around and open doors so Genetic Guard can see you.
    5. Consider killing all guards with AC Pistol, ammo is low at this map.

    Floor 4

    Save game before exiting this floor and keep this save safe.

    Floor 5

    Reaching 100% is problematic. Informants/Evil-Scientists are randomly generated at map start. Some Informants may be generated stationary next to blowable barrels.
    This can be revoluted either by dying or by loading from previous map.
    Do not enter teleport before you reach 100%. It leads to secret level and does not block your ability to reevaluate Informants/Evil-Scientists.

    Floor 9

    Remember to visit Floor 10.

    Mission 3

    Floor 1

    1. Immediately hide in the secret
      • Kill guards but do not expose yourself out of a hidden area.
    2. There are turrets that can not be destroyed until you get rifle
      • Run to the next door.
    3. Turrets do not turn, so you are safe.
      • Kill guards in the next room.
      • More guards will come from the next room.
      • Keep to the right side because...
    4. ...there is Genetic Guard here
      • Trapped, so take him with a peek-a-blast tactic.
    5. There is another turret behind this door.
      • Lure guards but wary to much
      • Turret can not hit you while you are under it.
    6. Here is a guy with a rifle.
      • Lure him back to 5 area.
    7. There is key in the lift.

    Mission 4 - floor 1

    1. Step to the right, guards will turn left, it would be easier to kill them.
    2. There is Plasma DU here. Open doors, ignore Mechanical Guard and run to get yourself armed.
      • Back in the corridor is a guy with Rapid AW.
    3. Do not enter, Goldfire spawn point is here, and you are low on ammo.
    4. Enter from this side, turn off barriers and quickly withdraw. Goldfire would not spot you.
    5. Plasma Alien Generator protects treasure here. You will get used to them on later floors...
    6. Another Generator, do open this secret. Treasures are hidden behind barier that is opened at floor 2.