Entry Point - Roblox

Masterpiece. Cooperative (4 players) and single player stealth shooter. 
Secretly enter protected facilities and try to find and get the target unseen. If spotted, you have to shoot out the rest of the mission and also your way out.

Different, polished maps, connected in an interesting plot. Multiple challenging modes and lots of solo and multiplayer fun. Tons of hidden relishes.
As a starting character, I recommend an Engineer. Learn game on easy difficulty. Develop your character to thief. Then do stealth mode of each mission. Any time, you can respecialize as mercenary to participate in loud challenges.

Obtaining Golden Aegis Mask requires passing stealth on all missions. See hints at mission description page.
It still requires passing Ironman Mode. Plan your way according to difficulty increase. The easiest way is probably loud. For that way, focus your skill tree on damage, health and armour in that order. Be sure to take Blowtorch as it helps in most missions and provides the easiest way to pass Black Dusk. (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=skBMDRonpNU)


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