Black Hawk Rescue - Mission 5 - Roblox

Cooperative fun for up to 20 players. The main goal is to takeover AI controlled bunker and prevent nuclear launch. First, players must engage island locations and search for intel items.

Beginners Guide

Starting equipment

Before deploying on island, enter Loadout and buy some equipment.
Starting cash is 2000$ which is not enough for better rifle. But M16A2 which you start with is a very good one.

Keep 100$ for a 4x4. You need a car to travel around.

  • Headlight - 50$ - Edit helmet, over left ear. Press B to activate.
  • Night Visions - 1338$ - helmet center (mount). Press N to activate.
  • Handle Scope - 200$ - for your starting M16A2 rifle.
  • Assault Foregrip - 240$ - decrease rifle recoil and can be used for other rifles. 

First Missions

There is no build in map, so you need to use this here:
Take a closer look at minor roads. They are not very visible but will help to move to target location. 

Deploy to Sochraina City. Missions are the fast way to get XP (Stars), cash and to get familiar with the game.

Immediately press tab, select flag and join red team. This will make you visible for other players and let you see them. Red team is the default, and you should join it every time you enter the game.

Next to your spawn, there is a vehicle panel. Buy 4x4 car - while almost free it is actually the fastest one so no rush to change it.

There are 6 NPC giving mission. They show up when around 50 feet from them. Either drive around city, or check this map: 

Further play


Map at the Forward Operations Base (FOB) shows which location need to be investigated. Players will share their aerial transport to get there. Just enter some heli waiting for soldiers.

There will be a 5-minute warning when the bunker is ready. Immediately reset your character, redeploy to FOB and look for transport. They will get to you to the place. 

Gear up


  • Car 
    • 4100 $ - 4x4 with mounted gun 
      • it helps a lot and saves your rifle ammo
    • 4250 $ - * - PvP 4x4, requires one XP Star
      • still fastest, better maneuverability than Gaz
      • more armor
      • better gun with more ammo
      • easier to jump into turret because of full hull
      • back door must be manually opened for hostages
        • just keep it open
  • Rifle and extensions
    • 375 $ - G-grip + light - adds flashlight to your grip, can be used with other rifles
    • 1000 $ - M16A4 (assault rifle), allows better optics that can be used reused later
      • 1485 $ - 4x LOS (optic) - mus have
    • 3500 $ - Scar Heavy (battle rifle) - better range
      • Do not buy Fal rifle - it does not have sensible scope
    • 8500 $ - M110 (DMR rifle) - best rifle, good for sniping and close combat. Ammo can run out so use turret and pistol.
      • 800 $ - ERMAG 20 - standard magazine is 10 only so this is must have
      • 0 $ - grip and scope from older rifle 
      • 1300 $ - PWS (stock) - lower recoil
      • 9750 $ - Multicaliber (muzzle) - recoil
When you get XP Stars you can buy better Night Visions. 
  • 3482 $ - one Star Night Vision
  • 7537 $  - two Stars Night Vision
  • 13700 $ - three Stars, best free Night Vision item.  
When at 2 Stars, get the Little Bird (4500 4). While not armored, It is the fastest heli in the game. With it, you can run for bunker after 2,5 minute warning. Reset, request heli, and you will be at location just before gate open. You still have more than a minute before gate closes.

Also buy some vest. Cheapest is for 932 $. Equip and Edit, and at the center add your country flag for 20 $.

The rest of the game is self-explanatory and a fun experience to find things out.