Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes - Greenskins 1-10

Greenskins does not have healing nor artillery. This makes missions more fun than other races.
Upgrade Ilidius first. The dragon fights close to enemies, while Vulpies can be kept at safe distance. Upgrading Battle Mages is the easiest way to win skirmish against AI and get more diamonds. Upgrade Orc Warlords and Shamans also.
Mission 1 - The Food
Bears slows you, so you can not reach chest to the left. Wait till slow ends to reach the chest.

Mission -2 -  Heavy Rain
Always move Vulpies before attacking, to create the Illusion. Illusion can use all movement before teleporting. Vulpies need one move left to swap with it. Teleporting Vulpies back will create a place for the other unit. Shooter or blocker.

Mission 3 - Defence of Vraakt
Ilidius shall be on 5th level and have regeneration.
Fall back behind towers and second portal. Strike and retreat. Check range of Crossbowmen. Otherwise, they will tear your troops.

Mission 4 - Saving Vyverns
Vulpies can pinpoint all enemies alone.

Mission 5 - Human Lands

Mission 6 - Myrefall
Two additional Catapults can be acquired by recruiting runners in the east most portal at round 5. Flying Ilidius there is also an option.

Mission 7 - Myrefall Ambush
Spread Vyvern acid on different enemies. Check enemy armours against range and close combat. Shoot Archers and melee attack Shadow Warriors. 

Mission - 8 Crossing the Border
Dragon can fly at the walls and use the switch to open gates. Do not enter though yet. Battle mages have superior range, so pinout defenders on wall and anyone so stupid to go out. In the meantime, the dragon can fly around the castle and take out crossbowmen.//

Mission - 9 Meeting the Orcs
Recruit 1 Warlord behind west elves and 3 behind east. A party that finishes their foes first can go around the lake to help others. Dragon can also jump against Ballistas. Give him ward before he attacks. Keep one enemy healer alive to collect chests. South one can be reached by Illusion. Swap it with Vulpies to take treasure. Dragon must fly to the North one. There is no need to kill golem.

Mission - 10 Shallow Pass
Easy way: Fall back behind the river, leaving troops that can not go. Recruit Battle mages and kill any elves that pass to your side.
Hard way: Problem is that elves heals, which stops your advance. Mages are targeted by their bows. Combine Mage and grunts damage to kill in one round. Hide mages. Watch heroes health and withdraw them to heal.