Wild West - Roblox

First person, open world, wild west multiplier simulator.

Startup guide.

First Steps

Select dark clothes, so you won't be visible at night. Select high character size. You will run faster.

Buy "An old and Rusty Pickaxe". For 200$ it allows mining zinc.
Buy "Camp Fire" for 200$. When carried. It lights as well as a torch, but can be grounded. It has unlimited use and will be handy later.
Note about Lantern. If you hold it on the hip, you are visible from a distance. People tend to forget turning it off. This is why I recommend starting with a Camp Fire or a Torch.  

Keep to your starting Peacekeeper Revolver. If you are ambushed, shoot back. There are chances you kill some attackers, and you will get better in time. Do not run away. Withdraw slowly if possible, but most importantly, shoot back.

The first source of mining is the mountain south from Bronze City. Just across the river. It is close, rarely visited, and the path to the shop is quite safe from bandit players. 

Tier 2 stuff

Gather 750$ for Cleveland Bay horse. It allows faster travel, increasing your survivability. Horseless guys are easy prey and are always attacked.

Next buy Sharps Rifle for $4500. It kills bison with one headshot, thus allowing a more satisfying source of income.
You can safely hunt Gators near Bronze City. Stand on a hill south from the swamp. Hit Gator with sniper. He will come to close, but would not be able to reach you (see cover image).
Cook hunted meat with Camp Fire. It will be worth 60$ instead of 40$. And additionally you can eat it for healing.

Actually, you can fight Gators. They have 300 life. Headshot it with Sharps (150). Shoot twice with Peacekeeper (2*25). Reload. Fan out the whole Revolver when it comes close (6*25).
You could try the same thing against bear, which also have 300 life, but that is hard.
Check this maps for hunting locations:
And this mobile friendly one.

Gold fever

Buy "A fancy Silver Pick" for 2500$, or Pickaxe for 6000$. Both allows gold mining.

Go now back to mining. Gold can be found in the Water Cavern in the north most mountain of Pinewood Hills. Gator protects it, but can be killed hiding on elevations.
The second gold mine is under Tribal Camp. Entrance is in one of the tents. There is a bear inside. Jump on a rock and slip into a corner to kill it safely (see picture).

Treasure hunting

The last must do is treasure hunting. In Bronze City, upstairs behind a gun shop, lives Sneaky Shane. He sells treasure hints for 1100$. You would also need a shovel for 800$ and some hints about treasure locations, which can be found here:

And again mobile friendly:

At last, you are ready to be to buy a better horse. I recommend mustang as it is the fastest.
You can additionally select some weapon setup. All are gathered in tables here:

Shooting mastery

A decent action gun would be Lochke Revolver or Winchester if you do not carry a sniper rifle.

About Shift Shooting. To not get hit, you must be constantly running (shift). But moving decreases accuracy. More over, hip shoots would go in the wrong direction. So what you do is run. Aim during run. Release shift, zoom, shoot, run again.

I recommend practising on the crocodiles cat the swamp. You run backwards some to sides.

Quick teams.

If you are not in a faction, try to team up during game. I try the of "One Session" clan. I invite all non clan players to doing gun stuff together.

Item Auction and Trading values