Traitor's Empire

Fantastic, deck building community, tactic game with singleplayer campaign. 
Battles are fought in turns, on small maps and with only 3 heroes. Attacks are boosted by cards randomly drawn from a prepared deck. In PVP fights, defender prepares a deck for AI to control.
Beginners hints:

1. Ranged team. Archer, mage and priest. Slow and immobilize enemies.
2. Join a team as soon ad you can. Look for best team available. On level 10, check top teams for vacant place and apply. Team rewords are a great boost.
3. Do not dismantle ability cards. Selecting them is a loss of time that could be used for farming. There will be automatic select of overstock cards.
4. Dismantle all unused equipment. Keep only weapons with elemental damage and cripple/poison/daze effect. They are usable on events.
5. Buy legendary (4 stars) battlefield - it produces Cold Steel Ingot.
6. The 5 stars battlefield also produces Cold Steel Ingot and not Imperial Tokens.