Door Kickers - Action Squad

Door Kickers - Action Squad. The two player local coop 2d platform game. Like Broforce, but better. 

Levels with Secret Items (donuts)

1-3, 1-5, 1-8, 1-12, 

2-4, 2-6, 2-8, 2-10 (basement: turn off light before unlocking water), 

3-2 (top floor: light switch), 3-5, 3-7, 3-10, 

4-1, 4-4, 4-7, 4-9, 

5-3 (mobile version only), 5-5 (second building: light switch), 5-7 (light), 5-11, 5-12 (second building: light)

Secret Achievements

  1. Kill yourself with your own explosives
  2. Kill 50 Hostages
  3. Use 5 extra lives in the same mission
  4. Resurrect another player 5 times in the same mission
  5. Kill 50 rats
    1. kill them with melee attack
  6. Defuse a bomb in the last 3 seconds
  7. Get 100 kills as Off-duty Guy

Troubleshot guide


  • Doors with handle are unlocked and opened by one use. 
    • Runaway and mafia guys will walk through them. 
  • Doors without handle are locked and must be forced. 
    • Recon can still kick it with melee attack. 
    • Runaway and mafia guys will now walk through locked doors.
    • Breacher opens doors with one shoot. This is faster than kicking.
  • Bombs and barrels can be kicked to move around, and eventually open doors.

Enemies killing hostages

An easy but slow method is to gather supply points over the map and use sniper. Gather more points and use sniper again. Keep in mind to snipe only enemies dangerous for hostages - this saves you supply points. Note that Blue Jacket Detonator might need two sniper shoots.

Generally smoke will work well enough and is a cheaper method.
  • Black Hat - Drags non bombed hostages and shoots from behind them. Just walk away, do not worry, taking few hits from his pistol. He will free the hostage when you are not around.
  • Blue jacket detonator - quickly shoot him from standing position. Sometimes he falls, but instead of dying, he still holds the trigger. Kick him or use sniper twice.
  • Red mask - holds pistol at hostage head and shoot them when engaged. 
    • Kill with one shoot, shotgun or aimed shoot. 
    • Get to him under smoke cover - throw new smoke once you move to previous one. Kick him so he free the hostage. Shield's flash also works.


Usually hide in smoke. 
Try to kill them with lift. Stand on top, lift and down just above their heads and drop the lift on them.

  • Rifle Ninja - hiding in cover works, still is little harder than smoke.
  • Topless Knife Boss - he heals while you reload - this is trouble for Shield and Recon. Still smoke resolve the issue.
  • Shield Boss - jump over him. Two well-placed C4s would kill him. Hiding in smoke kills him without trouble.

Time chalanges

Breacher with HK512 and smoke/flashbang passes every map quickly.

Infinity Tower

An easy way is Shield with Blinding Flash, Smoke and F7AP pistol (armor piercing).
Flash after opening every door. 
If there is a longer room, use smoke.
Crouch if there are no hostages.