Mount And Blade - Warband


From a hired thug, become a knight, a warlord and a politician. Shake the trade and military world of the Calradia kingdoms and become a ruler of the whole land. 

The game has no ending. But with this walkthrough, you will become king of the whole land yourself.

Walkthrough for Mount And Blade


Character creation.


  1. Gender - Male - 5AGI, Riding 1, allows funding your own kingdom with help of your spouse. 
  2. Father - Nomad  - STR +1, AGI +1, INT +1, Riding +2
  3. Early Life - Page - STR +1, CHA +1
  4. Adulthood - Peddler - INT +1, CHA +1, Riding +1
  5. Reason - Forced out - STR +1, INT +1 - Weapon Master +1 
  6. Start in Praven, Swadia
    • Bandits are weaker there. Also tournaments are on horses which is easier to win.

You get skill to ride best horses on only 6 agility, instead of 12. Females can do this trick by Noble, Page, Lady in Waiting, Revenge.

First steps

Print this map of calradia with geolocation cooridantes. Use it to find locations when applying for quests.

Get XP to level up on arena. Strength is a good attribute to start as it allows for better equipment. Do not stop training until you get 2 levels.

Buy a horse, a bow and a lance. You will get more equipment from battles, save cash. Do not go for crossbows, their shoot angle is worse on horse, as you can not shoot straith back agaist enemies pursuing you. 

Now you can do the first quest from the merchant.  

Character build

Attributes and skills can not be reassigned, and character level is limited to 60.

Here is a detailed chart how to level your hero:

The targets are:

  • Agility 6 - you already have
  • riding skill 4 and,  access to best horses. You have it.
    • Agility skills are good, but we need some tradeoffs.
    • Do not increase shield wielding - it improves enemy shields.
    • 3 prisoner management, 15 prisoners is enough
  • Strength 12:
    • 12 and 4 power draw - War Bow
    • 10 - Great Helmet - not winged as it blocks vision.
    • 10 - Plate Armor
  • Intelligence 11 (+1) - for reading intelligence book and get up to 12.
  • Intelligence 27 - to max skills in following order:
    • inventory management
    • trainer
    • path finding
    • first aid
    • wound treatment
    • surgery
    • persuasion
  • 30 Charisma
    • 10 leadership
  • 30 Strength
    • 8 Power Draw for masterwork war bow
    • Power Strike

Actually, you can cheat to change your stats and add some gold. Do not do it by:

  1. Enter character screen C.
  2. Enter statistics - left bottom corner.
  3. Export character.
  4. Character is stored at "%UserProfile%\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband\Characters".
  5. You must exit and reenter game after modyfing file.
  6. Load your game and import character.

Weapon skills will increase and break throu the limits while using. Do not bother them much. Get ranged first for accuracy. Then just select the highest before it reaches cap.

Your weapons are :

A bow and arrows. Keep one more pack of arrows in inventory for refill. Keep cash use bow and arrows obtained from enemies.

Hafted Blade, polearm which allow for swing from horse. Buy it as soon as possilble.  There are two versions. You want the one with lenght 150, but buy short if long is not available. Heavy Great Long Berdishe is better for foot battles, but hafted blade is enaugh so stay with it.

Justing Lance. Buy when available. This is the longest weapon. It deals blunt damage for capturing prisoners. Allows for shield against archers. Has couched horse strike against infantry. 

Shield. Larger shields are better but do not buy and use what you find.have any.

Heavy Charger or Heavy Sarranid war horse. Maximizing armor keeps horse in battle, rudes thru infantry and orotects ir from crippling. Buy standard version when you can afford.

You will soon become master of pole arms. This will benefit later for monk disguise.

Gather the party 

Each companion likes one person while disliking two. You will have 10 companions, where their dislikes and likes balances each other.

Companion weapons

Simple, versatile, effective. Same for everyone. 
  • Bow - maximize damage (War Bow), for both foot and horse. 
  • One-handed - maximize reach (Long Arming Sword), for first strike and horse battles. 
  • Shield - maximize size (Heavy Heather Shield), protection from arrows. 
  • Horse - armored level 4 horse (Heavy Charger) - passes through infantry.
  • Helmet - (Winged Great helmet) - easily find companions on battlefield.

Companion Skills and Attributes.

Skills and attributes can not be reverted. Develop in the following order:

  • Strength 12 - power draw for war bow
  • Agility 12 - riding skill of 4 and armored horses.
  • Maximize trainer up to for everyone's Intelligence. 
    • Heroes will teach each other and later will quickly raise an army from peasants. 7
  • Party skill heroes get Intelligence 30 and party skills - 1 Skill point is added each level. 1 more for increasing INT. Each skill level requires 3 INT. According to that, single Companion can cover 3 party skills + trainer. All other companions will focus on battle.

Detailed companions skills chart:

The final party composition:

  1. Alayen - battle
  2. Agility - weapon master
  3. Strength - Power strike, iron flesh
  4. Artimenner - Intelligence - tactics, engineer
  5. Baheshtur - battle
  6. Borcha - Intelligence - tracking, path finding, spotting
  7. Bunduk - Agility - looting 
  8. Katrin - Charisma - trading
  9. Matheld - battle
  10. Nizar - battle
  11. Rolf - battle
  12. Ymira - Intelligence - surgery, wound treatment, first aid

Current task is to find them all. Note that they change locations every week, so you could need two circles. Go in the following order:

Narra, Ichamur, Tulga, Bariyye, Ahmerrad, Durquba, Shariz, *Jelkala, Yalen, Veluca, Uxkhal, Suno, Praven, *Tihr, Sargoth, Wercheg, *Rivacheg, Khudan, Curaw, Reyvadin, Dhirim, Halmar, Narra.

There are chests in Jelkala, Thir and Rivacheg containing some weapons. Take only if you can use it. Chests can be used to store items with unmeet requirements and books. Remember their location:

Gather troops from villages on the way. You need some men to fend off bandits while your team is weak.

Buy cheapest horse for all companions. 

Finish setup

Go to one of the training grounds, win the champion title. The title is only for achievement, but you get some XP for Companions.

Back to Swadia. Fight bandits in the forest beetwen Drihim and Suno, untill every companion have a bow.

Go to Veagirs to king Yaroglek and become his vasal. Do not bother about fief. You want just a banner, which you get after a while of service.

With all your men, go to the north coast and attack sea raiders. Get armed on them and sell loot and prisoners in differenr citeies They give good equipment. Hoard gold untill you have 10000 and buy Velvet Weavery and Dye Works in Rivacheg. This gives you 1000 per week. 

Look for intelligence book. Cost 7000. Be sure start reading it in camp menu.

Gather the power

Buy production

Hoard more money to buy production in every city. Talk to Guild Master on the city streets and select one that generates most profits. Usually Velvet Weavery and Dye Works, but there are exceptions. This is important as the properties can not be looted or taken, nor you lose them when captured. The income is paused when you are at war with city, but only for that time.


Select a lady to woo, you will need to work both on her and her father. Select one of the Swadians, they have cavalry for field and crossbowmen for cites. Let her have both father and brother, whom you will adk for help later. Note that relation to her cousins and uncles is to far and they will not be related to you. Lady Tibal is a good choice. 

Start impoving relations with her father by tasks, and with her by tournaments.


Gather all the "inventory" books. It is 6000 for each.

  • trainer
  • would treatment 
  • surgery

Read all readable books. Remember to read skill books after you maximize the skill against attribute.

  • Intelligence - Essays on Logic - read as soon as you can
  • Weapon master - On the Art of Fighting with Swords - read as soon as you can, weapon proficiency increases by practice
  • Tactics - De Re Militari - whenever you want - you really on companion
  • Engineer - Method of Mechanical Theorems - whenever you want - you really on companion
  • Trade - A Treatise on the Value of Things - when ever you want - you really on companion
  • Persuasion - Rhetorica ad Herennium - on persuasion of 9
  • Leader - The Life of Alixenus the Great - on leadership of 10
Do not tecruit more man and just relly on companions. They will level faster and you save gold on wages.

Sources for cash are: tournaments, raider hideouts and prisoners. Note that city stores have limited capacity and money. Send expensive stuff to rich shops or the one you buy items from.

Find hideout near Rivacheg, return to city and camp on it (but not inside and not in tavern). Since you have a small party, sea riders would attack you. After the battle, quickly enter the city to sell prisoners and loot. Then camp again. Party regains health while camping and you will read books. Also, you have free inventory for loot and captives. Remember, hideout must be found before killing all bandits, otherwise it will shrink. 

Keep inventory food in order. Top items are eaten faster, while morale depends on variation. From top to bottom:

  • Fresh meat, chicken, pork, cos it would rot. 
  • Grain. Keep 8 sacks, so you always have food and can use it for village quest. 
  • Dried meat, fish, bread cabbage. 
  • Luxury food, honey and butter.

Battle hints

Turn on map (backspace). See where who starts. You have chest at start point, there you can refill arrows and replace broken shield. Stop your men from charging (F1 F2 Follow me) and run to some hill. Stop your men there, (F1 F1 Stand ground). Spread them to protect from arrows (F2 F3). If your enemies do not charge, go and pinout them with a bow, eventually provoking their attack. Shoot while they advance. When they get close to your line, raid around'em. And order attack (F1 F3 charge). Enemies will follow you and get charged from flank or rear. Finish them, but keep your troops close. When they get reinforcement. Gather troops by follow me (F1 F2). Run to your hill spot, stand that ground (F1 F1) and repeat.

Do not engage in duels. Ride arround and score backstab kills.

Foot soldier can be microed with horse. Round them counterclockwise, and shoot archers. Take melee by one with hafted blade or lance.

If foot soldier is hiding behind shield, charge him with horse and strike while he recovers.

You can defeat a large horse army alone. Ride around, shooting the once following you, or shoot their horses. Catch all retreating folks. Refill arrows in your chest. Use lance when you are out of arrows. This is a long work...

For bandit hideouts, select heroes you want to level up. Mainly intelligence heroes. order follow me F1 F2. Climb up a hill and advance towards the spawn points from a side.

During tournaments you want a horse. Order your comrades to dismount F5F6, to get one.

Foot tournaments are actually hard. Keep your troops togather by F1F2, follow me. Rush against enemy group. And order charge F1F3 in half way. Attack from side and do the downslah as fast as you can.

See some battle examples on youtube.

Further buildup.

Start Buying equipment for you and companions. The idea here is to sort items by quality. Give the best items to the first companion, the second to the second, and so on. Sorting takes a while, but when you get new equipment, you just check the last companion to see if you need the new item. Note the weakest values.

Use your companions to spread a world about your right to rule. Recruit companions that are not in your main party. It will be easier to find them later. Give them some weapons, send for rumor mission and leave alone for later.

Look for minstrels in taverns, and learn poems from them. There are 5 total.

If you are male, use poems to improve your relations with some noblewomen. You need at last one in every faction. Later they will help influence at the lords.

Get married. 

Spouse will manage your future kingdom. You should be working on marriage for a while and it is time to finalize.

Step from the crown.

Further buildup limits to leveling up and equipping your party. 


Select the weakest kingdom. Best if it is currently at war. Find its claimant and start the rebelion. 

You need to capture all cities and castles. Rhodoks crosbowmen are best for this work. They will beat twice numerous army.

Go to Rhodoks and fill your party with Rhodoks folks. Go to the training ground and train foot soldiers until all your troops gets crossbows. Now turn to crossbow training, and max them to sharpshooters.

Now you are ready to besidge castles. Those battles are long as thwy last till the last men. Get two packs of arrows instead of shield. Target shooters on the blankets. Especially those near ladder as they are deadly to your troops. Try to get in and hide sonwhere. Behind stairs o on a tower. Keep far from fight. Shoot defenders at balcons and at the spawn. Take ammo from fallen comrades and enemied. If defending castle is Rhidoks or swadia you could need switch to crosbow. Actually crosbow is better for sidges. It shoots slower, but with more damage. The efect is that you have more ammo.

When you capture stronghold immiedetly go to hall. You will decide fate of ladies that lived inside.

Give castles to claimant or to other lords. They will instanty fill them with defenders. Keep vities to yourself. Store prisoners there. Check tavern for Ransome Brooker. One will eventually arrive. Sell him all for big cash.

After you capture all cities and castles, the usurper lords will spawn without troops. They are very fast as one man armies. Put your soldiers in garrson, and turn against bandits. Lord without fiefs will soon defect to other factions, which in turn wins you rebellion.

After rebelion try to resume balance. Help your faction retriving all lands they initially possesed. Eventuly takw some more to weaken a neighbor. That faction will be your next target. Take vest troops from garriosons. Release your oath and look for another claimant.

Get the Throne

In warband version, capture center city Drihim and start your kingdom. In classic version, you are bound to help a claimant. Conquer Calradia in his name.

Find your non-party companions, buy them weapons and give them lordship. Try to convince other lords to your cause. Imprison, the stubborn. Try to fight one faction at a time. Slowly conquer Calradia castle by castle.