Vampire Survivors

Level up on the countless waves of minions. Each run unlock new abilities and uncover secrets and finally get access to the final boss.

Best weapons

Those are basic weapons before you unlock advances ones. Prefer weapons with area damage and those which has close range.
  • King Bible + Spellbinder - hits individual enemies at the beginning, passes through masses at the end. It will protect you in the later game when you are overwhelmed. Also, killing enemies next to you eases gathering experience gems.
  • Santa Water + Attract Orb - generates safe areas to run into. Its evolution item Attract Orb is the must for leveling up quickly.
  • Garlic + Pummanola - P item does not kill, so it does not help to level up. But Garlic close range is a beneficial, just like the Bible.
  • Runetracer + Armor - bounces through the view killing and giving mass XP
  • Lightning Ring + Duplicator - every hit counts, and duplicator heavily boost most weapons. Good vs bosses.
  • Whip + Hollow Heart - like the King Bible, but only if you move upwards. Still, it damages all enemies around you.


0. Enter Options and change Orientation to landscape. 

1. Get out of Mad Forest. 

With the Whip, you must run away and turn just before the swipe. Run and turn. Run and turn. Keep close to the enemies. Attack and stacks experience. Travel directly north to get Hollow Heart and south for the Pummanola. It is hard to navigate, so you must go up and down in a straight line.
Unlock features and retry. You must survive 25 minutes.

2. Lookup for the Milky Way Map.

The map is located on the third plane. But the second one, Inland Library, is the most profiting one.
North from the start is green gem, it gives one level. The linear map makes it easy to gather gems, coins and items. The Stone Mask to further increases income. Grind on this map for coins and power up upgrades. 
Poe Ratcho is my favorite character here because of the increased magnet and the Garlic.

3. Search for the Yellow Sign. 

The map shows locations for both common items and for the powerful artifacts, which stays and eases the further games. The Yellow Sign artifact is a game changer. It uncovers evolutions of Clock Lancet and Laurel which makes you unbeatable.

4. Kill the Death Reaper

Some YouTube guides shows a trick to defeat reaper, but they require luck/restarting and much precision. It bases on Reaper health multiplication by character level. So they do not level up until Reaper appears. This can be tricky as you must quickly gather gems as he shows up.

Standard way is easier:
  • Start with Poe for improved magnet
  • Travel left for the Silver Ring and Metaglio Left - the good ones.
  • Before picking items, you must collect required Passive items.
  • Get weapons:
    • Santa Water
    • King Bible
    • Garlic
    • Runetracer - for the bouncing trick 
    • Clock Lancet - must have
    • Laurel - must have
  • And Passives:
    • Attract Orb - must have for leveling while moving and the reason for Santa Water
    • Crown - It is like saving XP for later when you need it to evolve Lancet and Laurel.
    • Spellbinder - greatly increases Runetracer
    • Pummanola - just for evolution but is not necessary
    • Armor - for evolution
  • Travel right for Gold Ring and Metaglio Right - the bad ones.
    • Note that with curse, you level faster as there are more monsters. 
  • Look for a desk on the north bookshelf, which you can hide behind. Where the Runetracer bounces in a small area.
  • Level up around this place.
    • Upgrade damage first
    • Keep some chest around for evolution
  • Hide behind the desk, the bouncing rune tracer will eventually kill the Reaper.
  • You can do this with pure Lancet and Laurel. Without evolving them.
  • Acquire Mask of the Red Death

5. Get Mad Groove in Mad Forest.

With great speed, The Red Death will collect all items, and we want it in the Mad Forest. Start by traveling south, and then clockwise. We want good Metaglio and good Ring first. Keep two weapon slots for Lancet and Laurel, but do not take them at start. They do not give XP. Remember items that you need for evolutions. Do not rush with the level items before you get them. Good choices are:
  • Death Spiral -  you have it from start
  • Garlic               + Pummanola from map
  • Santa Water      + Attract Orb
  •                          + Crown - for leveling up later
  • Whip / Cross / Song of Mana as their evolutions are on map
Keep chests for Evolutions. Once you upgrade Lancet, Laurel, both Metaglios and Rings evolve with chests. 

6. Upgrade with Golden Eggs

Mad Groove summons all Items to you every 2 minutes. XP gems, Chests, Coins, Chickens Light Sources, Passives and Weapons.
You no longer need Attract Orb, chickens give fast healing. You can now freely plan collecting Metaglios, Rings and chests for evolutions. 
Keep tactic from previous step. Killing Reaper gives you 5 eggs. Killing Atlanteans 4 - one for each.

Look for secrets at The details are under unlockable link.

7. Get the Sole Solution

After obtaining all unlockables, you get the Sigma character and the Victory Sword weapon. Evolve it with Torrona's Box for the Sole solution. Congratulations, you have finished the game.   

The best characters.

Antonio Belpaese - wipes all enemies at once.
Poe Ratcho - bonus to Magnet.
Iguana Gallo Valletto - bonus to magnet, use instead of Poe if you wish.
Mask of the Red Death - fast and strong starting weapon.
Leda - strong weapon and bonus to Might (damage), but low Greed (coins). You do not need him once you have Red Death.