Occidental Heroes

Optimized retro rpg, based on funny stories.  Challenging. Gorgeous pixel art, smooth mechanics and fantastic, fantastic quest ideas.


Start as Benay Brassi - Jilted Lover. His skip turn ability is the strongest battle perk. Also, get Torun Sacanti - Disgraced Palace Guard. He gets skip in starting city. You can reroll companions by going back to Traits. As third, chose Maerk Inulli - Dashing Young Lieutenant. Higher health increases his survivability. And indirectly his resolve, by not being heavy wounded.

  • Safety in numbers - would make game easier and faster. 
  • Linchpin founder - makes game harder as some of your companions could retire.
  • Deterministic violence - no critical hits, lower damage, makes game easier.
  • Menacing Aura - ...
  • Higher Stakes - ... are the challenge for the experienced players. 
If you have "Safety in numbers" look for a fourth companion in the tavern. Note that you can not swap him easily, and you probably want 2 archers, 2 melees.
Immediately buy some weapons and enter arena battles. Win and buy better weapon until you are arena master.
See how to pass fighting pits:

At the beginning, you are low on cash, so buy only weapons and "all the supplies you can carry".
Get quests from tavern. Administration also gives quests, but is closed at the beginning. With help of Torun you shall get access after the first quest.  
Instead of buying a map, look at the quests tab for their location.
Travel north by road. Do quests when passing villages and always fully resupply. Do this till you reach Bessemburg.


Wait out for your enemies, trap them at checkpoints, hide next to the tree safely from their archers and lungers. Archers have range of 3 - just as your ones, you shall look for where they can shoot. Lungers range is 2. Those are wolves, pole arms and Yagight captains. 
You do not need a choke point, enemy moving around a corner shall be enough. 
The worst fights are in the open. Rush forward so will have some space. Move archer to the left, it is easier not to be surrounded there. Try not to be hit. Wait for enemies. Stay diagonally from archers and lungers. Move to side and back instead of attacking. Fight when you are 2 against 1. Hide a wounded comrade and provide a fresh one to split the damage. Chase archers with your fencer.

You can use the non-party members as a shield, but you should also be good without it.

The battle against is bear is flawless, send one guy to run around a tree while archer scores free hits.
See video: 

The only in your team who can not wait is Maerk 
only one which can not wait, but his lunge ability which can be used to wait as he can attack from range 2 or 1.

The move or attack rule, can be cracked using the opposition and concept from chess. This would allow you to attack first. You usually wait for enemy moving there and back. Count: I move here, he moves there, I move here, he moves there, I attack. If you see that you can not attack first, which means they have the opposition, you do triangulation. Step to side and then return to main path.
The other option is to cycle on two fields adjacent to the spot from which you will attack. Move there and back on them. Enter spot just when enemy is near.

Avoid battles at farmland - as there are no obstacles you will bea easily overmheled.

Before travel permit

The Besemburg city provides the best weapons, available. Do quest from here to Auhert's Beacon until you buy the best equipment.
Remember to buy supplies. Its usage depends on the tile you enter.

Road, Farmland and city uses 1 supply per person.

Grassland, Steppe and Forest uses 2,

Hills, Jungle and Badlands uses 3.

Swamp and high hills uses 4.

Once you solved cash problems, go to Auhert's Beacon. Buy map and more supplies.
All the cities are marked on maps, but look closely. There are monasteries marked there, they provide some quests, but you can not resupply there. The ruins are also marked, sometime there would be battle there. It could be flawless bear or dreadful deserters.

Look again to Bessemburg it they did have forged some new weapons. You want custom fitted cuirass for both archer and fencer. Yew longbow, war hammer, heavy dueling blades, heather shield and heavy mail hauberk.

Go by road south and buy spyglass in Grionti.
You need to level up before travel permit, as it unlocks some quests that you do not want to fail.
With the spyglass, travel around to see all the titles. With the map revealed, quests targets will be easier to find.

Avoid deserters, cultists and yaggith raiders untill you get your team to level 10.
You can win against them in favorable area, like forest or hills. But try to never fight in plains as there is nowhere to hide.

Keep safe and low, slowlly level up to level 10. Do not buy animals as the atract deserters. Run away if you meet them.

Do Exhibition Match if it apears in Auhert's Beacon, nothing wrong if you loose it but it is free experience. Which you need for level 10.

All quests around

Now let you buy travel permit at the Auhert's Beacon, but again go to Bessemburg. Check shops there resupply and target Hettering. They will give periodically give you ore delivery quest back to Bessemburg. This gives you access to the best armors and hand weapons, one at a time, so check it often.
After first ore delivering, go to Fort Venture. There is the second most important quests line, which will give you access to the fort's weaponry. One of the succeeding quests requires you to buyback flag from Yaggith's. Remember that you must side with the wavering soldier instead of the captain.

Travel permit also unlock some of the random access quests. The most important from them are:
The witch doctor - she gives you a hideous potion, which actually increases party health.
Hunting expedition - On first quest, wants to kill a boar. Harland du Grier is fragile, but his spears will get two hits before bar reaches him. So make boar wounded and finish it with du Grier.
On the later quest, Harland is equipped with crossbow. This keeps him safe and a capable fighting member. Rainbow stag does not exist of course, so do not go there and keep Harland enjoys the battles at your side.
Wine smuggling from colapsed Lighthouse - You have option to not pay for transport, but it will be the last time for this quest, so do not.
There are some quests that allow you to buy supplies in the monastery or weapons at the Vorascombana, but they are not supperior from what you get elsewhere.

Reaching 100%

Each character gives 100%/15 = 6.66% score.
  • 4% for reaching goal
  • 1.66% for gold, enough to retire. About 800gp.
  • 2% for money to live comfortably till the rest of life. Depends on character 1200 - 1500gp
Having 1000 gold share takes quite long and looking for quest location can be struggling.
The advice is to go around by all the cities and doing quests in circle. Here is the trip order: 

Auhert's Beacon
Grionti - spyglass, yew bow
The Sorrows - ruin
St. Cithia's
Hrok's Crossing
An ancient watchtower - ruin
Razed Fortress - ruin
Old Volinth - ruin - far west
Riglam's Redoubt - ruin 
Hettering - ore quest
Bessemburg - best weapons
Cosgrave Point
St . Agar's
Auhert's Beacon

Swapping characters

New member are way weaker than your veterans. I recommend having 2 persons with waiting (completed goal) all the time. 
Keep at last one archer (crossbowmen) against bears and for creating traps. Probably keep Survivalist - Wandering Naturalist or Fugitive Poacher  - as they do not use supplies and protect you from hailstorms.
Also have at last one fencer, as they do most damage. Adventurous Army Surgeon is tempting, but you should rather avoid being knocked out, so bonus for damage and life is better.
When you are ready to swap character, go to Hettering to catch Ore Quest. Move to Bessemburg, but deliver ore only after obtaining new person. He would immediately get keening steel item. Next rush to fort Venture. Considering you did the quest there, you get armor and shield for man at arms, or crossbow for archer. The crossbow is better since it allows sniping enemy bowmen. And is especially effective for new members that can not wait.

All characters. 


Best gear:
War hammer +30%
Keening steel armor +55%
Keening steel shield +65%
Hp 36

Ryke Elliam - Betrayed Mercenary Captain
Goal: "Back from the dead" quest will appear after a while.
Bonus: ignore deserters.

Simi the Boxman - Unscrupulous War Profiteer
Goal: Quest from monastery. Buy back priest from natives.
Bonus: Increases loot finding and capacity.

Torun Sacanti - Disgraced Palace Guard
Goal: Win all pit fights at Auhert's beacon. - Best for start
Bonus: Quick access to city majors: quests and travel permit.

Vissnir du Cireon - A Lord's Second Son
Gain: 75 reputation share.
Bonus: Higher health. 45

Vogl Hinnse - A Grizzled Army Veteran
Goal: 800 gold share.
Bonus: Ignore deserters. Information about recruits.


Crossbow +90% / Yew longbow +20%
Keening steel cuirass +45%
26 hp

Benay Brassi - Jilted Lover
Goal: Get a quest from bar. Go to monastery for a volunteer.
Bonus: Able to skip turns. See dangerous fields after getting goal.

Dr. Kirran Laviotti - Wandering Naturalist
Goal: Reveal over 100 wild tiles on the main map.
Bonus: Skip battles vs animals. Does not use party supplies. Protects from hailstorms. - Very good

Jeri Wind-sense - Civilized Native
Goal: Get quest at Vorascombana, natives village far west.
Bonus: Can skip Yagight warriors. Get additional quest from Vorascombana.

Mickan Loyko - Fugitive Poacher
Goal: Get 400 gold share.
Bonus: does not use supply, protects from hailstorm. - Very good

Tivoyn Sentieco - Cowardly Army Bowman
Goal: Win many battles.
Bonus: Sees where enemy can attack. - Only useful for new players


Keening steel blades +40%
Keening steel cuirass +45%
30 hp

Brother Hiri - Devout Warrior Monk
Goal: 800 money share.
Bonus: Skip cultists. Starting weapon 34%

Galin Ardanne - Adventurous Army Surgeon
Goal: quest from bar
Bonus: change to save fallen comrade from death. - May help to reach 100%, but do not rely on it.

Grif the Hand - A Flamboyant Brigand
Goal: quest during travel.
Bonus: Can skip bandits.

Maerk Inulli - Dashing Young Lieutenant
Goal: High reputation.
Bonus: Increased Health 41, skip deserters. - Good

Nerian du Lucci - Impoverished Nobleman
Goal: 2000 money share.
Bonus: Increased damage, access officials - Good