Cyphers Game

rating_7, puzzle, android, singleplayer, ww1

Short, but nice.
Save Europe from a communist takeover. As an intelligence officer, uncover Soviet plans and thus stop Communist Invasion on the east border of Europe in 1920.

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Go to the door until lights are off, then turn back. Take Torch from table near window and fuse from index cabinet. Another fuse is in the top-left drawer of the desk. On the desk, the instruction for the generator. Follow it, activating items from left to right. Then fill the fuse and turn on the power.

In the next room, there is a fuse on the right window, and a key on a hook left of it. Another fuse on the desk with a stool. Over the desk there is instruction for activating the antenna. Open left door with key. Fill fuses and turn on antennas on both corridor ends. Get back to steering room. Get to the instruction desk and turn switches in order as seen on their connected clocks - counterclockwise. Near window, turn 3 steering wheels. Try to keep the arrow in the green area. Be careful not to droop it to the left nor to the right, or "the whole thing gotta blow".

Enter the reception, the room with the telegraphist. Look at the map to see where was the border between Europe and Asia that day. The "comb idea", decrypting invented by Jan Kowalewski (John Smithy), works as follows.
  • Each letter is encrypted by two numbers. 
  • The word D I V I S I O N is in the text
  • The comb is prepared to find that word, by matching 3 same letters on the empty fields of the comb.
  • Move comb around until you find 3 same pairs of numbers.

Train Depot

The key to the control room is in the corner opposing the one where you start. On a barrel next to the train. 
Open the fuel valve connected to the control room, and go inside by the door. Take the handle from the cabinet, turn off the generator and walk past it into the fuel tank.
The key inside tank opens the officer wagon door, near the first key location.

Officer Wagon

Go through the wagons till you pass the kitchen. Lock pick doors to the right: first turn a pick to target position - turn finger on the left side of the screen. Then push the screwdriver until it opens. Notice how wide is the room comparing to the corridor. How wide is the wall then?
Take the madam's portrait, and turn it back - slide on the bottom left. The encircled word will be remembered.  
Go to the last room and look for the safe. First, remove Lenin portrait. The guy is responsible for deaths of more than 6 million people, so it would be easier without him looking.
The arrows on the safe allow you to select circle. The encircled word shall be set from top to bottom. Change letters by rotating - slide with finger - it is oversensitive, but you shall make it soon.


Get the wrench from a box. Find the marking on the other side ra
il. Unscrew 5 bolts starting at the marking until rail would disconnect. The easy way is to stay
on the rail and strafe left. Hide behind the wall near doors and wait.