Ninja Warrior

rating_8, platform, android, singleplayer, ninja, action

Classic like 2d platform game. Move right, slash enemies, avoid traps. Sounds easy but, it requires some skill, thinking and timing. It has its essence.

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  • Shuriken upgrade is additive up to 35%, effectively increasing your damage.
  • You are always one hit, but life upgrade allows restarting from shrine. 
  • Slash - or dash - will be needed in later levels. It can be used even after double jump. 
  • The log cover has very little use. Maybe against bosses.
  • Shoot while running forward. You will automatically uncover secrets.
  • The spear trap can be disarmed by shooting over it.
  • A bear trap must be hit to disarm. You must be below. Either jump from the lower platform, or slide into a pit, jump turn and shoot.
  • A spike trap, carried by the samurai, can be diminished. Let the samurai spot you and shoot at his back. Let the trap be vertical with spikes turned right. It is easier to jump over.
    • Note that on some levels, you must shoot him before he turns the trap. Otherwise, it will block the path.
  • Some secret scrolls are just before saving shrine. If it is dangerous to get the scroll, move a little forward for the pagoda and get back for the scroll.
  • Try getting all the scrolls. They are needed for the last boss.
    • You need to be flexible, slide below platform dash under it, turn and double jump back.
    • You can die after taking the scroll, but it still counts. Sometimes it's easier to suicide just to get it. 

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