Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

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Funny, tactical, skill demanding.
Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, delivered completely free, focuses the player on eliminating villains from a distance. Requires planning and accuracy. Provides both funny and drastic methods for removing the targets.


General hints:

    • The more heroes you have, the slower you level up, since items share among heroes.
    • The new characters come from PvP battles. You can not avoid those.
    • If you acquired a third hero - Kolzak - but still did not pass the campaign, reset your game by reinstalling.
  • The best heroes are headshot specialists as the Knight, your first character. 
    • On the PvP battles, where time is crucial, you can spam headshots much faster than accidental kills or body disposals.
    • This is best for training your sniper skills for other games.
  • Passing the campaign needs high power character. Focus on upgrading only one character, and save resources.


Upgrades increase only score points gained from shooting. There is no change in skills.

Agent upgrade

  • Requires cash and Agent schema
  • Power +11, Boosted score, Boss kill
  • As there are only one boss and 3 boosted items, the bonus is limited in comparison to rifle parts. This is because you will get above 10 headshots each mission.

Rifle Parts Rarity

  • Requires 3 lower rarity parts (Common, Uncommon, Epic, Legendary, Mythic).
  • Gives small bonus scores:
    • Power +0,5 
    • Headshoot, Accidental kill, Body disposal, Moving kill, Enemy kill, Multikill
  • This upgrade does not require XP parts nor money, but it still counts for daily Upgrade Task.
    • It means you will easily get the Upgrade Task with ease.
  • Put the highest level item on first slot - usually the equipped one.

Rifle Parts Level

  • Requires both cash and XP parts, the more as the level progress. 
    • For levels 20-25 it is 25xp parts. For levels 25-30 it is 30xp
    • The amount needed is shown under part: XP-needed / XP available.
  • Additionally, requires Item Rarity, which greatly slows your progress.
    • This make item parts the most important in the game.
  • Increases Power +4.
  • Depending on part and Agent, bonus to 4 of
    • Headshoot, Accidental kill, Body Disposal, Moving kill, Enemy kill, Multikill
  • The main increase goes to agent primary skill. 

Shop and Crates

  • Ordinary rifle part crate - 125 diamonds - the best choice for gems.
    • Common 65% +Uncommon 25% +Rare 10% = 0.65+3*0.25+9*0.1 = 2.4 Common
    • 0.00184 common part per diamond
  •  Superior rifle part crate - 500 diamonds
    • Uncommon 65% +Rare 30% +Epic 5% = 3*0.65+9*0.30+27*0.05 = 2.4 Common
    • 0.00125 common part per diamond - IT IS WORSE THAN ORDINARY ONE 
  • Star crate
    • Rewords depend on luck, it might be:
      • same as Ordinary rifle part crate
      • 2000 blood money, 10 XP part
      • 5 agent schemas
  • 300-Star Token - best when you no longer need item parts
    • You can convert tokens to stars on PvP missions, so it is equal to Star Crate.
    • Convert all your current tokens to stars before buying new ones.
  • Part XP Crates
    • Do not buy them, unless you need it for an upgrade.
    • You will get many XP from star crates and from missions.
  • Agent Schema
    • Buy it only for gold, and only for Knight.
    • Sometimes the shop does not refresh, and you might buy agent you do not want.
      • Exit and reenter game to be sure. 
    • The Shop refreshes every 6 hours, so check for fresh Knight schemas.

Phase 1 - Knight only campaign.

Give all campaign earnings to Knight, by not getting second agent, the Stone. 

Headshoot with Body Disposal gives most points.
You can drop bodies from cliffs by shooting at it, but note that game end when you kill the last guard.

You can get both Headshoot and Boosted score. Either hit the head and the item in single shoot while they are in one line. Or hit head and then quickly hit Boosted item. You will get Boosted Score but not Accidental Kill.

Play this phase until you can no longer upgrade. Probably up to 170 Power. This would last 1 week. You may gringe a little to fill week assignments from next week, or if you lack a few diamonds for a crate.

You can play PvP for task and assignments, but YOU CAN NOT KILL ANYONE ON PVP.
If you do, Stone will immediately join you, crippling your leveling speed by half.
Just enter PvP and put your phone aside for a minute. You will freely get No Alerts and No Civilians awards.

Phase 2 - Boost Power on PvP and Finish the Campaign

Start winning PvP missions to boost your power and finish the campaign.

First of the rewords can not be ignored and gives you agent Stone. You can not skip it. But DO NOT CLAIM RED PVP REWORDS. If you do, You will get Kolzak and slow your progress more.
  • Focus on PvP. Do one mission for Daily Task, and more only if there are no PvP missions available.
    • You will have to stop the campaign anyway. The later missions require heavy upgraded rifles to enter them.
  • The ladder like system makes you win about 50% battles.
  • Try to fill assignments, do not worry if you lose the battle, your next one will be easier.
  • Try to finish the mission that's end the soon.
    • Missions restart every 24 hour, and additionally they refresh every 12 hours.
  • You do not need to use Boosted items. Winning the mission will convert more tokens.
    • But still use them for fun.
  • Spam headshots for the best score.
  • Kill near entrance where new guards enter, and where are some guards.
    • This will allow new targets to replace the killed ones.
    • Kill only on open area. Otherwise, new guards will be hidden while investigating bodies.
  • Kill someone near glass floor, 
    • you will get free body disposal bonus, for guards that come for investigation
  • Quickly switch targets by clicking on the red and yellow markers on your scope.
  • Try to take out the ones shooting you, but still aim for the head.
  • If you are about to be taken down, reload. It will be done while you recover.
  • The special shoot does not use bullet, keep it for emergency.
    • When someone tries to shoot you
    • If the Target is escaping
    • Due to bug, it can be shot after time passes. Target a guard, and click in the center of the screen, instead of shoot button. Works in version 1.4.0 
  • On PvP the accidental furniture is also recovered after a while for reuse. 
    • You can get bonus if it was missed, but you can not get it twice. 
    • Still, headshots are worth more anyway. 

Phase 3 - Get Epic Rifle for Knight by Assignments.

With only two agents, try getting as many rifle parts as possible.
Remember, DO NOT CLAIM RED BAR REWARDS - the new heroes hides there.
  • Focus on mission with item part rewords
    • there is one in schema mission
    • and two in the rifle XP mission
  • Secondly, Focus on stars by assignments. The star crate has some item part chance.
  • No Alert Assignment is easier with Stone, as accidents does not trigger alert.
  • No Civilians Killed is easier with Knight, as headshots are very precise.
  • Do the first campaign mission each day. It completes a task and is always No Civilians Killed and No Alerts one.
Getting to epic rifle would last about 1 month.

Phase 4 - Get Legendary and Mythic

Remember how long it took you to get Epic Rifle. The Legendary is 3 times longer and the Mythic one is another 3 times more. If you unlock all heroes, the Mythic would take 3*3*6/2 = 27 months.
If you stay with Stone and Knight, it would last 3*3*2/2 = 9 months.

The tactic here is the same as in phase 3, but if you get bored, let you get Kolzak for more fun.
The time to Mythic is then 3*3*3/2 = 13 months.

You can get RED rewords, but not if it unlocks another hero.