Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes

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A turn based tactical game, provided as a 120 preset tactical battles, interwoven with an interesting plot. Enhanced with detailed arts, and polished music. Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes gives you hours of challenging game for completely free. Additionally, the game has a very nice feature of saving the game every turn. That means you can play from where you ended if you exit or runs out of battery.


  • Enable Advanced Game Rules in settings. Troops will block paths around them. This requires more planning, but will be an advantage once you are used to it.
  • Before upgrading, check what units are available in your next mission, so you get immediate boost.
  • Upgrade your hero, he is always on field.
  • Upgrade hero regeneration, he is fast and would be able to fool enemies in hard situations.
  • Spawn militia. They cost 6, but you get 10 for every unit at the end of battle.
  • Summon your infantry in the center of the enemy camp to harass their shooters and mages.
  • Keep a line and check enemy range. You will get free kills on the initial charge.
  • Cavalry can step back or side to attack with charge bonus in the same turn. Do it always.
  • In the later game, catapults would do most of the work forcing enemies out of their posts. But beware of enemy mages. They can move and shoot, which increases their range. Try to lure and kill them.

Human campaign hints - for hardest difficulty.

Mission 13 - Tir Assin

Recruit one cavalry in the portal and move it far to the west.
You should be able to see the hill portal in the first turn. Recruit 4 catapults and a mage there. Let your cavalry rush towards the hill to protect catapults. Keep town units safe, let the elves enter and ambush them inside town walls.

Mission 21 - Elvish Outpost

Kill all elven archers before meeting the healer, or they would shoot her.
There are four ballistas in fort. And you have only 3 scrolls. Buy one scroll in your castle. Lure ballistas out, so they do not kill each other.
Set your ballistas in outpost center, next to the building, so one of them would see straight through both gates.

Mission 22 - Alvin's Gate

Setup ballistas as in previous mission and kill elves entering gates. After that, move in single group until you meet Gate defenders. Setup line, hero on road for fast movement and ballistas to the right. Elf to support hero.
Move by one field a turn, but do not get in enemy range. Lure them with hero. He can sneak right side behind stones.

Mission 23 - Counter Strike

You do not need summoning any units. Set two ballistas on the wall with lift, but not on the tower. Set third ballista inside the gate. Healer and mage on the wall on the other side. Kill all archers and ballistas. Skirmish with hero. Attack and get back for healing.

Mission 24 - Iron Fist

Summon two catapults and a wizard. Put one catapult on the Gate, next to the tower, add 2 mortars and a hero.
Send your bears to the west to stop incoming archers.
Mind control healer approaching through the gate.
Do not rush against elves main forced. The path is too narrow for an assault. Setup line from mortars and catapult on the last line with forest. Put wizard in forest. Put the highest level bear, the one with star, before mortars.
Lure elves with boar and shot them with artillery. If a ballista or mage approaches, stun it with wizard and step catapult forward.

Mission 25 - Bazar Dum

Clear your way and grab the chest in the castle. Then run away. Clear all ground units. There are 2 lifts and 2 towers to enter walls, but that is only for infantry. Infantry shields make them safer, but militia would do also. Mages are safe by stun ability. Call anything you want.

Mission 26 - Kazadi Dir

Buy cavalry with Dragon regeneration and rush against archers. Move your hero right, to protect from Infantry.
Buy 5 catapults as a main damage force and step them back out of bows range. Draw arrows on the cavalry to keep catapults safe. When low health, switch with hero.
After killing all archers, setup catapults, so they target the castle gate. Block path with hero and cavalry.
If you lose too many units, you can run your hero clockwise around the castle. Laying on your regeneration and scoring hits on the wall edges. Either way, I was not able to save any dwarves.

Mission 27 - Dar Dar Fortress

Move slowly and destroy enemies one by one. A two-tile charge and 4 bolts would kill a golem. Note that your hero would not withstand 3 hits. Trees are your friends, as archers can not shoot over them. There is no need to bypass enemies by running for teleport. The defenders would survive anyway, and you will kill everything else quite fast.

Mission 28 - Towers of Ara

Move one of the mages around towers clockwise. The golems would follow him. Just keep out of their range. The stone golem range is 6 tiles, 2 for move + 4 for throw. Mage range is 5, so keep him on tile after your range. Select mage and count by his attack area.
Move Percival right against skeletons, he should beat them alone.
Buy some mages and rush against Baal Shem Tov, but hide behind trees from golems. Freeze all skelly and focus bolts on the warlock. He should run when his life is halved. You still have to kill the rest, though.

Mission 29 - Tower of Light

Call 4 more mages. One of them should go north to freeze skeleton and thus blocking the road. This will buy you time. Send the other one with same mission west. Try to freeze skeletons as it blocks the path with the trees. If golems, go ahead, run. Call two catapults, their target are elven mages and Baal Shem Tov, whom would not leave the castle. Warlock would summon a minion every turn - even golems. Freeze units before the wall, this way warlock would need to summon inside the castle. Freeze elven mages not to be weakened. You could cast rage or mind control one of them. Focus on the warlock. After he is dead, you must still deal with the golems. Leave the catapults and run around the castle. You can stay next to skeletons if they are frozen. If the golem blocks your path, you need Percival's charge. Keep him healthy for that case. You can steal gates by killing a unit on it and entering. The enemies will attack it and thus lose time. Once you reach the forest, you are safe. But do not be blocked by trees if golem is near.

Mission 30 - Dragon's Lair

Mission ends one turn after dragon dies. There is no need to fight the golems. Buy 5 catapults and one militia. Rush your army behind hills pointed by Mugai Ran and meet there with berserkers. Dwarfish hammerers are too slow. Better let them run away along the road. Otherwise, they would distract the dragon from entering the trap. The dragon is faster than golems. It will leave them behind and meet his doom alone. Stay close to the catapults. Put militia as a decoy, it will survive one hit. Attack dragon with everything you have.