Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Trader of Stories

 rating5, adventure, browser, free, year2016

Masterpiece. Point and click browser game with very detailed art and plot. The puzzles are not very challenging, but the story is alluring. Revealing the past and the relationship of the game world is fascinating.

The whole series is called “The Big Old Tree That Dreams”:

Start with A Grain of Truth as it is the shortest.
Next Trader of Stories chapters 1 and 2. They all can be played on creators page:

There is also another prequel Bells Heart which is available on various pages:

A Grain of Truth
Q: How to fill the captain's story?
A: You need to gather more worlds. Some are gained on talk, some on discovering, for some you need to travel away from the Cloud Eater.

Trader Of stories 2

Q: How to pass potions challenge with ingredients in the laboratory?
A: Hint 1. Maximum number is 6, the values on one circle are from 1 to 3, and on the other from 1 to 2.

Hint 2. It is multiplication

Hint 3 The circles around the symbol determine the number. Multiply numbers from the inner and from the outer circle.

Q: How should Dew select child fields in her lover’s dream?

A: Inactive fields are gray. Active are clear if they are correct or red if they are incorrect.

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