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rating:5, free, pc, android, browser, turn, strategy, fantasy, retro

The awesome turn based, old school, dungeon crawler with gorgeous graphics. Your target is to upgrade your gear by clearing dungeon rooms and finally challenge the dragon lair. And then to start over. You can play it on mobile by the browser page www.dungeoneers.com

The plot looks repetitive, but we do  not feel it. The dragons will be stronger with each level, new features are unlocked, you will learn new tricks and your characters will get skills with the XP earned.

The small, five hex wide maps, and the “move or attack” system make the game highly exploitable. This is great fun actually. There will be situations where you need luck on dice - literally the dice are visible. And sometimes, with a good move you will be able to push all enemies into the pits without a roll. But a bad move will get you stunned, losing all your health potions till death.

Strategy advices

  • Do carrier only quests till 14 dragons. You shall get there with rare retrying. Ignore tournaments and hunting until you reach 1 circle. Additionally you will get between games bonuses
    • Trinkets - saves you from critical hits
      • They are gained on carrier.

      • Trinkets restores each game

      • You get 10 on 14 dragons.

    • Game features - better reward chests - their are gain

    • Your characters experience - determines their levels and abilities

      • Every carrier level increases xp gain by 2%

      • THE MOST IMPORTANT - you get circle xp% bonus by how you  do on carrier among players that started game same time as you

        • + 100% xp on first circle

        • Do carrier only until you get to the first circle (for me it was 11 dragons). If you once stop you could never catch up.0

  • You can easily do campaign till 6 dragons

    • It is 10% xp bonus for each, but each campaign lasts 6 games and progres lost if you ever fail

Tactical hints

  • At the beginning your gear is very low.

    • Try to push monsters into pits - it is 100% regardless of gear.

    • Try to sneak for better equipment, but only if it is safe. You can fight one monster or run to exit.

  • You can not get hit if you are not attacked

    • Try to save hit points from the very first room.

  • Push monsters with bull rush

    • Push monsters into pits - it has 100% success - very useful when your 

    • Push out of the crowd so you are not surrounded.

    • If your attack misses, maybe next turn you will be able to drop monsters into the pit…

    • … or you will be facing only one monster.

    • Pushing into pits is not an attack, it is a free kill during feat mode.

  • Try to shoot melee monsters with elf

    • It has larger dice which is effectively +1.

    • Jump over a gap so they must move around.

    • If there are only 2 monsters, Elf can kill them without a risk. Just move by the corners and you will eventually get a free hit.

    • Shoot stronger monsters, the weaker can be pushed into pits.

    • Try getting rooms with two entrances. Swapping entrances, shall let you clear room for free.

  • Even with one entrance try swapping heroes. 

    • If no one's adjacent, Elf has a shot bonus.

    • If there is only one monster then Human has a swing bonus.

    • With two monsters if you are still not discovered, Dwarf can step out and charge back to entrance. Getting a bonus and being safe due to spreading panic.

    • If there are 2 monsters left, switch back to Elf and avoid hits till a free shoot.

  • Step back from the pit let the monster stay next to pits instead of you in case a worm will appear.

  • Rooper (stalagmite) does not attack worms. If you have a safe spot, call a worm. If you are not a dwarf then, just wait and the worm will eventually show itself.

  • Attack mages first, so they do not summon more monsters.

    • Dwarf's charge will chase shooters and magicians.

  • Reaper appears only on crypt levels

    • Leave one monster in a room, if you meet the Reaper get back to that room and kill him with Elf.

    • If you do not have Elf, create a room with two entrances but do not clear it.
      In case the Reaper appears, you will easily kill him by swapping sides.

    • If both entrances are next to Reaper, sneak behind him to get some distance.

    • If Reaper appears before you have a two entrance room, try to sneak pursue through the monsters and do the circle around rooms.

    • Walk around the pit to get to another entrance or walk around until a worm appears.

  • Bewere of ghouls, 3 of them would stun you, draining all your health potions, turn by turn.

  • Archers are tricky - try to stay two steps from them so they move instead of shoot. Although they will still shoot you if there is no path to reach a short 1 tile distance.

  • There is a +2 adrenaline bonus if you do not have health potions. You might try not to collect them.

  • Make a quick look at the lower dungeons, maybe there is an easy room to clean

  • Dragon lair

    • Enter the lair before going to crypt, maybe there is a chest next to the entrance.

    • All resources you get are useful, collect them in the dungeon.

    • Block dragons with flames and try to get some free shoots.

      • You must be 2 tiles away to avoid breath.

    • Block only paths 2 tiles to you.

      • You are saving scrolls if dragons need to walk around.

    • Block with flames so only one dragon can attack you. Best if they can be skewered.

    • Leap for a better fight position.

    • Rush towards magic dragons.

    • Worm will stop a dragon it attacks, which can further block other dragons.

    • Do not leave a worm alone. You get free attacks when dragons focus on it.

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