Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces

rating_7, shooter, pc, android, singleplayer, renaissance, free, action

Battle simulator of First World War planes.

The game is nice to play, quite repetitive, but it is free, and it is fun. Collecting and upgrading planes, reaching achievements is very pleasant. Thanks to https://www.homenetgames.com.



  • Focus on premium missions, they are available once per day.
  • Focus on medals missions. Medals can not be bought and increase overall income.
  • Occasionally you will get an offer to sell 1000 fuel for 10 gold. 
    • This mean all resources but medals can be traded there and back
    • With fuel skill at 1 gold -> 110 fuel, this always means free resources.
  • Build 2 fuel tanks so your fuel excess is not lost. 
    • You can change it to silver when the gold offer occur.
  • The legend - solo missions - is longest achievement to get.
    • Do it as soon as you have, fully upgraded bomber.  
    • Offense missions are the fastest way. Do the main objective and withdraw.
  • Focus on upgrading a single bomber, the one with 10 bombs can do missions alone.
    • Bomber bonus vs flak cannons is better than fighter dogfight bonus.
      • Flaks shoot all the time while enemy fighters only when they track you.
    • This is Airco DH.10 for west alliance
  • Low damage to your planes will give you +10 medals, try to not get damaged.
  • Do not fly in the center of enemy planes, you will get high damage.
  • Rear gun does not overheat.
  • Fighters are strong at the front. Attack them from side or rear.
    • You can quickly take them out with your rear guns.
    • You can take the highest altitude of 1000m and shoot them with a rear gun, while they climb.
  • Bombers are strong at the rear. Attack them from side or front.
    • Fly in front of the bomber squadron. 
    • Turn towards your facilities so they go behind you in the exact direction. 
    • Shoot them down with your rear guns.
  • Destroying bridges with a bomb, will stop trains and convoys.
  • After finishing the main objective, you can still stay and kill all left enemies.
    • If you choose, you can not claim victory until finishing them out.
  • Attack flak cannons from a low attitude, they will not shoot you back.