Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Wolf among us

Rating: 5/5 Platfrom:
Android, PC,

The game is already a tale and it is fantastic. The story is awesome, the music is wonderful, the graphics are magnificent and the gameplay is stunning. You must play it. Here is the link.

In this adventure game, You are a detective - the sheriff - in a sub society in 19tin century city. The community is behaving strangely and the girl dies. You must investigate.

  1. The general hint is given at the beginning by your Pig friend. Be nice to people and listen to them, overall your role is to care about them and to serve them.

    This is again repeated in a scene with police inspector Kelsey Brannigan.
    What is it with you cops always trying to empathize with people? "I know this must be hard for you. Do you? Do you fucking know? Have you had a friend killed and their head left at your fucking doorstep? No? Didn't think so.
    This is actually a cite of Wolverine, but is great advice on how you should behave as the sheriff.

  2. Use pause if you are not able to follow speech while deciding your response. It is space on the pc version.

  3. Take your time and listen to the whole character's sentence, instead of interrupting them. There could be information beetwennline. And if you want you can beat them up later.

  4. Watch the cinematics, although they are not a part of the story the music is wonderful and very relaxing.

  5. Do not be afraid of ANYTHING. You the Sheriff. The damn werewolf with supper regeneration, nothing can stop you.

  6. Play the game three times

    1. First time normally as you feel it.

    2. Second time be a total jerk and see how it will end. Yes you must scare that little toad boy.

    3. Third time play it to get all the remaining achievements and fully enjoying all the flavors once you know what is going on.

If you just want to pass the game just once and want the answer which path to select, here are the “correct” options:

  1. Go to prince Lawrence first and to Toad later

  2. Catch the Tweedle not the Woody

  3. When looking for the Witch go in following order:

    1. Tweedles

    2. Crane

    3. Trip Trap

  4. Jump at the Georgie car, the smaller one to the right. Leave the Crooked Man for the future.

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